Tuesday, July 21, 2009

costa rica upload, round 1!

chifirgo- rice, beans, fresh salsa, fried pork and diced avocado
stinky beach
view from the beach entrance of hotel
monkeying around
traditional costa rican beef dinner with rice/bean, fried plantains and fresh salsa/salad
fish fish fish
just like moms. local restaurant and traditional lunch.
boat tour
big ass grass hopper
the only place that we didn't really care for but still good. above and below


i somehow got rabies from one of the raccoons.
I think Stacie said "Yea I'm macho, is that a gym over there?"
ATV ride up crazy roads to the canopy tour.

Our room with no tv's.
Stacie approves.

Costa rican beer koozie.
We were gonna kayak to this island but it was a bit far out and about to pour.

Best breakfast ever, rice/beans, crazy breads, fried plantains and fresh fruit.
chicken parm and pizza
room 42
shrimp taco

greg approved

our view when walking out of our room